Mossy Point Lookout

Mossy Point Lookout

Located on the picturesque South Coast of New South Wales, Mossy Point Lookout offers breathtaking views of the ocean, the estuarine waterways of the Tomaga River and the surrounding landscapes. This iconic meeting place, known for its unspoilt environment and natural beauty, allows you to get up close to the diverse marine and bird life that thrives in the area.

Preparing for Your Visit

How to Get There

Getting to Mossy Point Lookout is convenient and straightforward. From Sydney, it’s approximately a 4-hour drive south via the Princes Highway, which offers a scenic route along the coast. From Canberra, the journey takes about 2 hours, heading east toward the coast via Kings Highway and then south on the Princes Highway.

Mossy Point is also well-connected with nearby coastal towns like Tomakin and Broulee. Simple navigation on local roads from places like Batemans Bay or Moruya will lead you directly to the lookout. Parking is available at the lookout and at the nearby boatramp.

Best Time to Visit

Summer is ideal for those who love water activities such as swimming, snorkelling, boating, and fishing. The warm weather makes it perfect for spending long days outdoors and enjoying the beach or maybe a spot of fishing in the Tomaga River.

As the heat of summer begins to cool, autumn offers wonderful opportunities for bird watching, beach walks, and kayaking in this tranquil setting. The mild weather during these months makes it comfortable for long walks, photography, or just relaxing.

The blooming native flora and abundant wildlife in spring offers another opportunity to visit  Mossy Point Lookout. It’s an ideal vantage point for whale watching from land as they travel close to the coast with the new seasons calves. Spring is great for fishing enthusiasts wanting to try their luck in the Tomaga River or from the beach.


Mossy Point Lookout experiences a temperate coastal climate, offering pleasant conditions throughout the year. Summers are warm, perfect for swimming and boating, while winters are mild and ideal for scenic walks and photography. Autumn and spring provide comfortable temperatures for outdoor activities like bird watching and fishing. Even though Mossy Point Lookout can be visited throughout the year, always make sure to check the local weather forecast, and prepare for occasional rain showers or cooler days and evenings. 

Best Nearby Beaches and Picnic Spots

Candlagan Creek

Only a minute or two from the lookout, Candlagan Creek, Mossy Point is a favourite spot for children and families in the Eurobodalla and plays an important part in the marine ecosystem with juvenile fish hidden amongst the seagrass beds and mangroves. Picnic tables are close to the carpark and estuary. It is a very popular destination over the summer months.

South Broulee Beach

Just a 5-minute drive away from Mossy Point Lookout, South Broulee Beach is another popular place for a day out. Patrolled by the local surf lifesaving club, the beach is very popular with surfers and swimmers alike. The nearby lookout offers amazing coastal views looking south. On the northern side of the headland, a walking track leads to the beautiful Broulee Island Nature Reserve which can be circumnavigated on foot at low tide.


Tomakin is absolutely one of the best places to stay if you’re heading to the coast for water activities. Barlings Beach is a quiet spot, perfect for picnics and a relaxing swim, while Tomakin Beach is home to spectacular rock formations and rock pools. On the northern headland of Tomakin Beach is Tomakin Cove, which is ideal for children as the water is shallow and there are generally no waves. Its lagoon-like qualities also make it great for a snorkelling adventure where you may spot a few stingrays and will see a huge variety of fish. Between the beaches you’ll find Melville Point Lookout which offers sweeping views across the coastline and to Broulee Island. 

Things to Do

Candlagan Creek Mossy Point

The area around Mossy Point offers various activities that cater to everyone’s interests. Here are some of the top things to do there:

Offering a mix of natural beauty and recreational activities, Mossy Point is a wonderful destination for those looking to enjoy the outdoors and experience the peaceful yet vibrant atmosphere of coastal NSW.

Nearby Attractions

Mossy Point Lookout is also a great starting point for exploring national parks and charming nearby towns. Here’s a look at a few of these attractions:

Aerial view of Broulee Island

Whether you’re looking to explore quiet beaches, engage with local culture, or enjoy outdoor activities, Mossy Point Lookout and its surroundings in Australia’s beautiful south coast region offer something for everyone. So, get ready for this unforgettable adventure and book your trip to Mossy Point Lookout today!