Airport Activities

Moruya Airport

Soar high or take the plunge at Moruya airport.

Moruya airport is not just an airport terminal, it is a hub of aviation related activities that anyone can access.

Whether you want to take the plunge from 10, 000 feet on a skydive, take off for a scenic flight in a seaplane or even learn to fly, Moruya Airport is where you need to be.


Skydiving in Eurobodalla
The ultimate freefall from 10,000 feet

With hundreds of 5-star reviews, Skydive Oz has become a favourite for thrill-seekers in search of skydiving lessons, tandem jumps from 10,000 to 15,000 feet, and affordable packages for sport skydivers.

It is the only learn to skydive facility in Australia located on the beach and waterfront, with a sea level drop zone that allows for maximum time in freefall.

With onsite café, picnic tables, restrooms and BBQ facilities,  bring your family and friends to watch your big leap.


Seaplane flights nsw
Take off and land on the water

Choose from flights that will take you over Moruya, Tuross or Nowra and experience the full beauty of the South Coast – from the stunning mountain ranges and green pastures on one side to the deep blue sea on the other. Be sure to look out for dolphins and whales making their journey along the coast from May to November.

You can book flights ranging from 15 minutes to over an hour, with picnic packages available that will fly you out to a secluded location where you can enjoy a delicious meal before heading back to Moruya.

scenic flights

Scenic flights nsw
Soak up the views of Eurobodalla from the sky

As well as conducting initial flight training Merit Aviation also offer an amazing experience of the stunning New South Wales South Coast from the air.

Merit Aviation’s range of scenic flights includes a variety of scenery from the rugged Montague Island on the South Coast, to the valleys towards the west and up to the Great Divide.

Each and every flight is a truly unique experience of the Eurobodalla and always a fun day out with the family.