Mini break in Tilba

Alex and Kim are a busy young professional couple based in Canberra. It’s been hectic in the city lately with
plenty of work deadlines taking up their time and few opportunities to be together. A rare free weekend
gives them the opportunity to get away and reconnect in Tilba.

Here’s their itinerary… you can make it your own or just get inspired to plan your next weekend getaway.

Saturday, Day 1

Tilba Teapot Cafe in historic Tilba
Recharge... get started

Keen to make the most of their time away, Alex and Kim leave home early, arriving in Central Tilba at 9.30am. Hungry after their journey, they head straight to the Tilba Teapot for a hearty breakfast.

With energy levels restored, the couple set out to explore the village. The popular Saturday morning market is in full swing, showcasing local produce, makers and musicians. Alex is fascinated to learn that the Big Hall started life as a roller-skating rink. Who knew people in country NSW were roller skating in the 1890s!

Bellbrook Loop walk Central Tilba
A two foot exploration

A walk along Bate Street further reconnects Alex and Kim with the past, as a plaque on each building tells the story of its original use. With a history of serving a thriving community, most of Central Tilba’s heritage buildings are now quaint specialist shops. The couple enjoy looking for gifts for each other, family and friends. From toys and games through natural fibres and elegant styles to designer jewellery and homewares. It’s possible to find something for almost everyone in a store on Bate Street!

A short walk up Station Street takes Alex and Kim to the start of the Bellbrook Loop Track. This beautiful 2km walking track takes them through dramatic rainforest and volcanic rock formations. The track weaves through the paddocks of a former dairy farm and into the foothills of Gulaga. Although just over the ridge from the bustle of Central Tilba village, the peace of Bellbrook inspires a reconnection with nature. It is hard not to sense the significance of Gulaga to the Tilba District’s indigenous cultural heritage.

After such a busy and active morning, Kim decides lunch is essential before any other activities. The couple
head into the Dromedary Hotel.  They enjoy a delicious lunch based on locally sourced produce, accompanied by a Tilba Brewing Co beer.

Couple relaxing at Tilba Valley Winery
Wind down

Inspired by all of the local produce they have tried so far, the couple head down to the Tilba Real Dairy Shop. They select a range of cheeses and other tasty treats for a picnic the following day. On the way back to the car they collect some fresh bread rolls from the Tilba Bakery.

A short drive finds Alex and Kim at Tilba Lake House, where they check in for the night. They are thrilled with their perfectly set up Tiny Home. After quickly settling in, they spend the rest of the afternoon lazing by the pool and enjoying the spectacular views across Tilba Lake to the ocean beyond.

Having spotted a poster on the community noticeboard at the Central Tilba Post Office, Alex and Kim head over to the Tilba Valley Winery.  They wind down with a light dinner, wine tasting and live music before returning to Tilba Lake Camp. They end the perfect day stargazing by the fire.

Sunday, Day 2

Feeding horses at Tilba Lake Camp

The day begins with a leisurely breakfast and more fresh local produce. Before checking out, Alex and Kim take the time to walk around the grounds at Tilba Lake Camp. They take some carrots for the friendly Clydesdale horses.

From the accommodation, the couple drive to Mystery Bay. The pictureque country road takes them past working properties as well as rural escapes for one-time city dwellers.

Keen to learn more about the indigenous heritage and stories of the area, Kim has booked a Walking On Country Tour of Mystery Bay through Southbound Escapes (based in nearby Narooma). The tour provides a magical two hours of Dreamtime stories, explanation of ancient sustainability practices and even some foraging for bush tucker. All while walking beach to beach through pristine National Park.

Potted pansies at Tilba nursery
Plan your next trip

Returning to Mystery Bay, the couple settle down to their picnic lunch and a final refreshing swim before getting ready to head back to Canberra and the reality of the working week.

Deciding to make one more stop in Central Tilba, Alex picks up some souvenir keepsakes at the Central Tilba General Store while Kim makes the most essential purchase, a good supply of old style and international lollies from the Tilba Sweet Spot for the drive home.

But before hitting the highway, the winding road takes them through the tiny original village of Tilba Tilba.
Tucked just around a corner, they spy the Tilba Nursery and take a moment there to enjoy the wide range of plants and garden art available.

As they drive, Alex and Kim start planning their next opportunity to reconnect in Tilba!