Scenic Drives & Lookouts

Hit the road for a Scenic Drive in Eurobodalla

Let the road take you past rugged coastlines, ancient forests, through hidden valleys and up to lookouts with spectacular views from the mountains to the sea.

Tourist routes, scenic back roads and spectacular lookouts. Find them all here.


Car Lookouts
As far as the eye can see

If you’re into great views, you’ve come to the right place! Sitting up high on a ridge line or standing on a headland viewing platform, the views around here are totally instagrammable.

Lookouts are dotted along the coastline and in the mountains and forests. Some will require a bit of leg work to reap the rewards of the views. Others will take you off the beaten track. And some are right under your nose, at the end of suburban streets.

Coastal lookouts double as land-based whale watching vantage points during the spring migration. 

Scenic Drives

Scenic Drive Near Me
A road to anywhere

A drive to new places sparks your sense of adventure and discovery.  Eurobodalla has a spectacular coastline easily accessible by a network of paved roads.

But did you know that Eurobodalla also has an amazing hinterland that stretches back to the west into the mountainous reaches of the Great Dividing Range. You can access some areas of the forests and lower climbs of the National Parks via unsealed roads in your family car.

If your interest is peaked and you seek more remote tracks and rougher trails we recommend you bring the 4×4 and a topo map. 

Scenic Drives Brochure

Including lookouts in Eurobodalla

Download the brochure for information on 5 of our recommended scenic drives and details of the best lookouts in the region including:

  • Bar Rock 
  • Water Tower 
  • Observation Point
  • Big Bit
  • Burrewarra Point
  • One Tree Point, and more
Scenic Drives brochure cover