Oysters Ahead

It's full steam ahead for the 2023 Narooma Oyster Festival

Narooma Oyster festival 2023

Narooma Oyster festival twighlight event

Join growers, chefs and shuckers to celebrate the marvellous rock oyster on the shores of Wagonga Inlet this May 5, 6 and 7 at the 2023 Narooma Oyster Festival.

A blend of cosmopolitan food experiences and immersive entertainment, the festival is well anchored on the South Coast calendar for oyster lovers and families alike. Each year around 70,000 rock oysters are shucked and quaffed after making their way to Narooma from estuaries along the New South Wales coastline, the only place in the world where they naturally grow.

Friday, May 5 is a warm-up for the big day on Saturday. A twilight affair that ends with fireworks over the water, this year will see an expansion of the food offerings in both premium dining and around the general foreshore. A gate ticket will deliver you to multiple oyster bars, liquor bars, food trucks, live music and projected animations.

Long Table Dinner at Narooma Oyster Festival

While tickets to Friday’s popular Long Table Dinner sell within minutes, a new addition, the Yuin Native Food Exploration, promises to be an immersive journey towards a deeper appreciation of the culture and country of the regions’ First Peoples.

Saturday, May 6 is a huge day of tastings, exploring the foreshore and fierce but friendly competition among the farmers. The morning sees Australia’s Biggest Oyster where the entries need to be seen to be believed, last year’s winner weighed in at almost three kilograms. In the afternoon, cheer on the fastest shuckers in Australia’s Oyster Shucking Championships which the festival touts as the ‘race that stops a festival’.


Cooking demonstration at Narooma Oyster Festival

If cooking is a passion, you can learn from local, regional and celebrated chefs in the Betta Cooking Demonstrations and fill your larder with celebrated South Coast produce from the markets.

The biggest attraction for rock oyster lovers is the opportunity to taste the merrior of New South Wales estuaries. A patient stroll along Oyster Farmers Alley presents many opportunities for freshly shucked oysters served a variety of ways and to glimpse the shuckers at work. A deeper dive into the world of oysters (at a more sedate pace) is to be had in the Ultimate Oyster Experiences, hosted by Australia’s leading oyster authority John Susman, or a Champagne Oyster Cruise on the inlet.


Serving staff at Narooma Oyster Festival

In between the excitement, the Rock Oyster Lounge offers an exclusive, adults only space to refresh and graze on the festival’s best offerings. On Saturday night, the Salty Festival Fiesta is one of the first opportunities to try Olsson’s Salt’s new range of margarita salts, along with yet more rock oysters, gourmet snacks and dancing.

Sunday brunch will be best spent at the inaugural Hangtown Fry at Club Narooma. A dish born on the Californian Goldfields, the Fry combines crumbed oysters and bacon inside a pillow of fluffy eggs. A great way to round out a long weekend in this stunning part of the South Coast.

Grab your tickets and see the bus timetables at www.naroomaoysterfestival.com