Deua National Park: A Serene Escape into the Outdoors

Deua National Park

Nestled within the heart of New South Wales, Deua National Park is your gateway to nature’s bliss—an absolute must-explore on your outdoor adventures. This National Park unfolds a harmonious blend of ancient rock formations, lush wildflowers, and historical sites that combine to make it one of the region’s most treasured locations.

Camping in National Parks

A Walk through the Annals of Time

The park offers a rich palette of natural wonders, from the ancient rock feature known as Marble Arch to the awe-inspiring Big Hole. It’s here that the landscape’s past whispers through the caves and fire trails, each carrying tales as old as time itself. The sight of the Marble Arch—with its stalactites clinging to the ancient elevated ceilings—against the blue sky is a view that’s sure to be etched in your memory forever.

This spectacular national park offers more than an eyeful of stunning views. With every step along the track, you embark on a journey through time, tracing the area’s pastoral heritage. The Bendethera Caves whisper tales of the past, while the rare species that have made the park their home add to its enchanting story. This park is a true testament to the immense geological, historical, and ecological majesty of the NSW South Coast.

Things to do at Deua National Park

Beyond marvelling at the geological gems, the park offers a plethora of engaging activities:

2 tents at the Deua River Camp Ground

How to Get To Deua National Park

Embarking on a trip to Deua National Park is as thrilling as the destination itself. The park can be accessed via various routes depending on your starting point.

Know Before You Go

Exploring Beyond Deua National Park

Once you’ve absorbed the tranquillity of Deua National Park, extend your adventure by exploring the rest of Eurobodalla. From the lush landscapes of the Monaro Tablelands to the mesmerising coastal towns of Narooma and Tuross Head, there’s always more to discover.


Plan Your Visit to Deua National Park

Start planning your visit to Deua National Park today and delve into one of the best national parks in New South Wales. Whether you’re a seasoned explorer, a nature enthusiast, or simply longing for an escape into the wild, Deua National Park offers an unforgettable journey.

Accommodation Near Deua National Park

Experience the allure of wilderness under the vast night sky as you camp at Deua National Park. The park offers an array of camping options to suit all preferences, whether you seek an intimate riverside spot or a grassy field under towering gum trees.

Deua River Campgrounds

For those drawn to the serenity of river sounds, the Deua River campgrounds offer a perfect blend of tranquillity and natural beauty. Nestled near the gentle Deua and Shoalhaven river, these campgrounds provide ideal settings for an overnight stay, with easy access to canoeing, swimming, and fishing spots.

Bendethera Valley Campground

If you prefer the charm of open fields with wide horizons, the Bendethera Valley campground is an excellent choice. With the sprawling Bendethera grasslands serving as your outdoor living room and the vast sky as your rooftop, camping here is an absolute delight. This campground provides picnic tables and barbecue facilities, turning your meal times into delightful alfresco experiences.

2 tents at the Deua River Camp Ground

Berlang Campground

Further on the same track, the Berlang campground offers another distinctive camping experience. Nestled in close proximity to the Big Hole and the Marble Arch, the campground allows adventurous souls to combine their camping trip with exploration of these unique ancient rock features.

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