Tilba Talks Heritage Walks, Walking Tours

Tilba Talks Heritage Walks, Walking Tours
Corkhill Drive, Tilba Tilba

Experience a Historical guided a walk through the National Trust Village of Central Tilba, nestled in the arms of Mount Gulaga in the Far South Coast.

Explore the Vistas of the ancient land, learn of the cultural significance of the Yuin People’s living history and the importance geology of this landscape, enjoy the historical narrative of Central Tilba‚Äôs early settlement from 1833.

These walks provide an understanding of how this village came to be.
Tilba Walks, provides stunning landscape for your photographic opportunity and leisurely familiarisation, capturing unique architectural details of this tiny town.

How your personal guide familiarises you with the tiny township of Central Tilba,

Town and Country walking tour
Twilight walk
Early Morning walk
Private walk to Najanuga (little Dromedary)

Commencing every Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Book by appointment

Where they meet: At the Meeting Spot poster on Corkhill Drive, Central Tilba

Example Tour includes:

Your Historical Guided walk, visit selected stores, morsel of tasty treats along the way, from behind the walls of the Butcher, the Baker and delight in the taste of the Cheesemaker’s Real Tilba Cheese platter ,finish you tour with a serving Devonshire Tea ‘Tilba style…made fresh on the order.

Tilba Talks Historical Walks

An historical journey through a National Trust and Heritage listed township .
With your guide visiting various locations, this walk engages you in the nature of the town of Central Tilba.

Exploring the country of the Yuin people.
Visit and taste a selection of cheeses at the ABC Cheese Factory .
Discovering the local wares and produce. In a relaxed pace, settle down for a wonderful Afternoon Tea in a selected cafe”Tilba style”

Tilba Talks Heritage Walks, Walking Tours

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