Pet Friendly Accommodation

Pet friendly stays

Don’t let your pet miss out on the next family getaway to Eurobodalla! Find pet friendly accommodation here.

Eurobodalla pet friendly accommodation

Dog sitting by a welcome sign

Pets are a part of the family and deserve a holiday too! 

Eurobdalla has pet friendly accommodation and camping, dog friendly beaches and loads of places you can take your pets for a day out.  

From Batemans Bay to Moruya and Narooma, choose a house, cottage, or camping ground that will welcome animals.  

Horses are also welcome at some farmstays.

Remember to check with your preferred accommodation provider before you book to confirm pets sleeping arrangements, fencing and other conditions..

Holidaying with pets in Eurobodalla

Dogs running along pet friendly beach
Little boy with his dog on the beach

Eurobodalla is a pet friendly destination. Once you’ve decided on your pet friendly accommodation, it’s time to plan some activities and outings for the fur-babies.

Get an overview of facilities and activities for holidaying with your pets here

Dog friendly beaches

Eurobodalla has a great selection of dog friendly beaches and exercise areas.

Beaches are designated as 24 hour off leash,  timeshare or prohibited.


24 Hour off leash

 Beaches in this category allow dogs to be off leash at all times. 


Beaches that are timeshare mean that dogs are allowed on or off leash during the specified times and dates. A timeshare beach may revert to a 24 hour off leash beach at certain times of the year, usually the winter months.


Dogs are prohibited at all times.

Man walking dog on pathway
Dog in a ute
Exercise areas

Eurobodalla has set aside a number of reserves and parklands for pet owners to exercise their animals. You can find a list of all exercise areas here.

NSW State Forests

Did you know that your canine friend is welcome in ALL State forests across NSW?

Just a few things to remember:

  • In all State Forests your dog must be under your control at ALL times and owners must owners MUST comply with their responsibilities under the Companion Animals Act 1998 while dog(s) are in a public place
  • Always pick up after your dog
  • Ensure your pack enough food and water for your dog on long forest trips
  • Respect other campers who don’t have dogs and keep noise to a minimum

Also, many State forests are adjacent to National Parks, where dogs are prohibited, so make sure you are aware to stay within a State forest while holidaying with your dog.

See more

NSW National Parks

Dogs are prohibited in NSW National Parks.

Horse standing in a paddock
More information

You can get maps, tips and advice on managing your dogs while you are on holiday in Eurobodalla from the Eurobodalla Council website.

Horse Riding

Eurobodalla has several designated areas approved for horse riding.

Horse riding is also permitted in Bodalla, Boyne, and Clyde Sate Forests.