From kangaroos and little penguins to fur seals and whales, you’ll be captivated by the diverse wildlife and raw beauty of Eurobodalla.

While kangaroos love to feed at dusk and dawn they’re sometimes active during the day as well. More often though you will see them during the daytime sprawled out and napping lazily under a tree, or just standing quietly in grasslands or paddocks. Popular spots to see these furry creatures in daylight hours are Pebbly Beach and South Durras, north of Batemans Bay, and at Potato Point, south of Moruya.

If you don’t want to leave anything to chance go to Birdland Animal Park, on Beach Road Batemans Bay, where you will get up close to kangaroos and wallabies, in a lovely natural setting.

White lions at Mogo Zoo
Mogo Wildlife Park

Just off the Princess Highway, you’ll find Mogo Wildlife Park, home to the largest collection of primates in Australia.

Zebras, Southern White Rhinos, majestic Giraffes also wander through the Savannah plains. Get Up Close and Personal with meerkats and red pandas or feed the lions or tigers, just to name a few of Mogo’s extraordinary collection of endangered and exotic animal species.

  • Boris loves his gum leaves.
  • These two parrots are an item.
  • Willow the wombat loves a cuddle.
  • Wild egret visits most days
  • Pelicans are regular visitors.
  • Free ranging Guinea fowl.
  • Emus miss nothing.
  • Spirit guards her space.
  • Peacocks love to show off!
  • Owls hoping for a mouse for dinner.
Birdland Animal Park

Birdland Animal Park is a delightful and intimate hands-on experience. Forest paths wind through eight acres of sweeping waterfront trees and landscaped gardens brimming with native Australian animals, birds and reptiles (over 100 species). Make way for the chugging train just out of the tunnel!

Birdland Animal Park

Mogo Wildlife Park

Mogo Wildlife Park is situated 10 kilometres south of Batemans Bay. It was established in 1989 by Sally Padey, and has attained an international reputation as one of the most successful private zoos in Australia.

Mogo Wildlife Park

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  • Mogo Zoo
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