Congo Crafts 34th Annual Exhibition

Congo Crafts 34th Annual Exhibition
721 Congo Road, Congo
Tue 1st Dec 2020 til Sun 31st Jan 2021

*** Latest event details are yet to be confirmed ***

Congo Crafts, is holding its 34th Annual Exhibition, showcasing a diverse range of functional and
decorative stoneware ceramics and paintings on canvas.

Congo Crafts Gallery opened in 1980, and has been continuously exhibiting works ever since.
All the ceramics and paintings have been created by Jim Simms in his Congo studio, and he has been working in the arts for over forty years. Strongly influenced by Japanese, Korean and Chinese ceramics, Jim continues to produce a range of beautiful pieces, and is noted for the quality of his glazes.

Each year he experiments with new matt and gloss finishes, resulting in a varied and stunning palette of rich and more subtle colourings. Each wood-fired piece is uniquely burnished by the ash and flames of the firing.

Jim has many happy local, national and international clients who have admired and collected his work over a number of years. His paintings are likewise an evolution in free colour form, and also inspired by Asian aesthetics. A range of fibre and stoneware ceramic jewellery pieces created by Amadis Lacheta will also be available.

Gallery and exhibition is closed on Tuesdays

Congo Crafts 34th Annual Exhibition

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