Tuross Head Heritage Area

Tuross Head Heritage Area
Tuross Head, Tuross Head

Small coastal vessels carried timber and produce from farms around Tuross Lake in the 1850’s and 1860’s, but attempts to make Tuross a port were frustrated by its difficult entrance.

The 875 acre Tuross peninsula was acquired by Patrick Mylott in 1870. He built Tuross House, overlooking Coila and Tuross lakes, and farmed there until 1883 when he moved to Sydney to ensure his young daughter received appropriate operatic training. Eva, born at Tuross, became an internationally acclaimed opera singer and is commemorated with a plaque in Eva Mylott Park in Jutland Ave.

Tuross Head was eventually developed as a tourist destination in the mid 1920’s by Hector McWilliam. He purchased the property from Mylott’s widow in 1925, subdivided it and sold the lots for holiday houses. He established a nine hole golf course and planted 200 Norfolk Island Pines around Tuross Head. These pines are McWilliam’s distinctive legacy.

Several boatsheds with hire facilities were built to service the growing demand for fishing and boating on Tuross Lake

What to do:
Visit the historic boatsheds on Trafalgar Road and enjoy a delightful meal on the waterfront
Wander the Norfolk Island Pine grove in McWilliam Park at Tarandore Point.

Tuross Head Heritage Area

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