The Tilba District Heritage Areas

The Tilba District Heritage Areas
Tilba, Central Tilba

The Tilba Conservation Area was listed by the National Trust in 1974.

Gulaga, formerly Mt Dromedary, is sacred to the people of the Yuin nation and dominates the Tilba region. Gulaga and Niamanga (Mumbulla Mountain, further south) were handed back to the traditional owners in 2006.

Goldmining contributed to the district’s prosperity but only on a modest scale. At its peak 1902 – 1904, 300 people lived on the mountain.

The two villages of Tilba Tilba and Central Tilba relied more of dairying. The ABC Co-operative in Central Tilba was the first cheese co-operative in NSW (1891); the village developed to mainly service farmers delivering milk to the factory.

What to do:
Walk along Central Tilba’s historic Bate Street to the ABC Cheese Factory

A short drive along Sherringham Lane will take you to the picturesque and historic Tilba Cemetery on the coast
Walk up Gulaga, a 14 kilometre five-hour return walk from Tilba Tilba. An interpretative sign at the saddle explains Gulaga’s significance to Yuin people and some goldmining history.

Follow the Tilba District Historical Tour for a self-guided car tour of the district, or take part in a guided walking tour of Central Tilba Village.

The Tilba District Heritage Areas

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