There She Blows – Our Top 5 Places To Spot Whales

The whale watching season marks a yearly spectacle, as these majestic creatures journey northward to birth their calves in the warmer waters. From April through July, we’re treated to the sight of whales embarking on their northern migration. As the months transition to August through early November, the whales make their way back to the …

I spy…whales!

Montague Island Adventures

Between spy hopping and bait balls the whales regularly put on a show for the owner of Montague Island Adventures and Charter Fish Narooma Life as a land lubber isn’t for everyone. It’s a reality Benn Boulton quickly realised after starting a career as an engineer. “I just had a love for the water, so …

Mug Shot

Aerial view of Montague Island

For decades, Norm Ingersole has been having a whale of a time with Narooma’s whales as skipper for Narooma Charters. Getting mugged isn’t something that most people would aspire to, but for Norm Ingersole, it’s usually a positive experience.  The owner of Narooma Charters and Montague Island Tours gets mugged quite often–by whales that is. …

Whales ahoy!

Whale breachin in Eurobodalla

By land or by sea, the Eurobodalla offers some of Australia’s best whale watching. Slaps and spy hopping may sound ominous, but not when you put them in this context: all are behaviours of the 35,000 plus whales migrating along the East Coast of Australia every year. Visitors to Eurobodalla don’t have to work hard …

Whale of a time


In Eurobodalla, whale watching is a popular option from land as well as by sea.