Bendethera Valley campground

Bendethera Valley campground
Bendethera Camp Trail, Deua River

The beautiful and remote campground of Bendethera Valley is the ideal place for a relaxing break, as well as a great base for cavers keen to explore Bendethera Cave. Deua River flows through this open valley, which in early spring is adorned with the yellow bloom of Bendethera wattle and in winter sometimes holds a magical morning mist.

Along the river are plenty of swimming spots and the kids will have loads of fun on lilos. Have a picnic on the bank and keep your binoculars handy for birdwatching as a multitude of species make their home in the area. There are walking opportunities around the campground, but, for a decent hike, head northwest on Bendethera Cave track.

At dusk, look out for kangaroos, wallabies and wombats grazing on the grassy flats. As the sun goes down, relax with friends and family around an open fire.

Camping beside my vehicle

Take a camper trailer or tent to Deua National Park’s Bendethera Valley campground to enjoy walking, swimming, cycling and picnicking. Hike to Bendethera Cave for caving.

Bendethera Valley campground

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