Mogo is a charming village established after the 1850s gold rush. Today, the town is a hidden treasure filled with shopping delights, specialty stores, talented artists, craftspeople, cafes and treasures on every corner.

The Original Gold Rush Colony at Mogo

While the days of the gold rush are long gone, it’s nice to know places like Mogo village have endured. Its old world charm, cottage architecture and friendly hospitality are hard to find these days.

There’s still plenty of gold to be found at Mogo’s Original Gold Rush Colony, where informative guides retrace the story of life during the 1850s gold rush, including the adventures of Australia’s ‘bloodiest’ bushrangers, the Clarke Gang.

A visit to Mogo Wildlife Park is also a must – the park is home to an amazing collection of endangered and exotic animal species.

Shopping at Mogo Village
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