Montague Island is a truly immersive experience. This unique wildlife sanctuary is home to NSW’s largest colony of Australian and New Zealand fur seals, not to mention the most productive little penguin breeding sites in the country.

Montague Island aerial view

Montague island is a mecca for whale watching, seal viewing, penguin tours, scuba diving, snorkelling, seal dives, grey nurse shark dives, wildlife cruises and bird watching trips.

The only way to land on the island is via the National Parks & Wildlife Service, who help maintain the island’s extraordinary natural features and Aboriginal history.

According to local Indigenous dreaming, Baranguba (Montague Island) was a generous provider for the Yuin people, as both a fertile hunting ground and spiritual meeting place. Sea creatures, birds and humans alike gathered here in great numbers for centuries before the arrival of Europeans. A highlight of any visit to Montague Island is a walk and talk through the historic Aboriginal and European settlement sites.

Whale at Montague Island

The lighthouse on Montague Island was first lit in 1881, and converted to a fully automated system in 1986. It remains a part of Australia’s coastal navigation system and nautical history. Since 1881, visitors have landed here to inspect the island’s renowned lighthouse and enjoy a tour of this scenic area which boasts colonies of seals and fairy penguins. Staying on Montague Island in the Lighthouse Keeper’s Cottages is an experience for those wanting to get away to this unique place, learn about its environment and its history, and enjoy it all at their own leisure.

Wagonga Inlet with Gulaga Mountain in the background
Cultural Connections

Looking back towards the Tilba region on the mainland from Montague Island you can’t help but feel watched by the imposing Gulaga (Mount Dromedary).

There’s a local Indigenous tale of a mother and her two sons that adds to the mystery. In this story, Gulaga’s youngest son Najanuga (Little Dromedary), stayed behind with his mother while his brother Baranguba (Montague Island) went out to sea on an adventure and never came home.

These natural icons have a deep environmental and cultural significance.

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  • Humpback whale approximately 13 metres long less than five metres from the boat
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  • Island Charters Narooma
  • Island Charters Narooma
  • Island Charters Narooma

Montague Island, out of Narooma, is the South Coast's best kept secret, and Island Charters Narooma has been operating in the beautiful Batemans Marine Park for 25 years. Maximum of 11 passengers for a more personal touch. Chris and Cecilia took over in 2012 and love meeting people.

Island Charters Narooma

Montague Island Adventures offer fully catered trips ranging from two to 10 hours. Go fishing, diving, snorkelling, whale watching or enjoy a Montague Island Tour or Evening Penguin tour - or a mix of all tour options.

Montague Island Adventures
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Snorkelling with Seals Adventure, with a professional Snorkelling Vessel and Crew. They Supply Full Length Wetsuits and Quality Snorkelling Gear. Wazza's Awesome Snorkelling Team will Guide you as you swim, snorkel or dive with playful Seals at Montague Island.

Montague Island Discovery Tours and Lighthouse Charters Narooma
Montague Island Discovery Tours No 1 Blue Water Drive, Narooma


Board the "Sheriff" for a trip you will never forget, enjoy the sights,fishing and spectacular wildlife. Owner George Bunney is an experienced local fisherman and teamed with experienced deckhand Dan they will provide an action packed charter.

Montague Island Game and Sport Fishing Charters
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  • Montague Island Nature Reserve

Montague Island Nature Reserve is home to hundreds of seals and more than 90 bird species. Enjoy a stay in a heritage lighthouse keeper’s cottage.

Montague Island Nature Reserve

Narooma Charters and Montague Island Tours are one of the most experienced charter operators in Narooma, having over 35 years experience since starting in 1983.

Narooma Charters and Montague Island Tours
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Welcome to Narooma, the gateway to Montague Island!

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