Gone Fishing Day Tuross Head

When: 30th Sep 2018 8:00am-4:00pm

Where: Tuross Head Country Club, 40 Monash Avenue, Tuross Head

Come and share the fun in our “Gone Fishing Day”, even if you have never been fishing before! This will be a wonderful day for the family, with prizes for girls, boys and adults in several categories, including encouragement prizes.

Registration starts at the Tuross Head Country Club at 8:00am. Then off to fish – at Tuross River or Coila Lake (restricted to these areas only). You can fish from a boat, a beach, a kayak or a jetty - just not from the rocks.

Come back to the Country Club at around 1:00 pm for lunch and a measure-in (or photo if it’s a released fish). We’ll have prizes, face painting, a disco, jumping castle, casting competitions, and much more.

As this is part of NSW/Australian Go Fishing Day, adults will not need to get a fishing licence for this day.

No fishing licence will be required on the 30th of September if you are participating in the event!