• Heritage Farm Machinery Rally

    Photo of Heritage Farm Machinery Rally

    7th Oct 2017

    A great family event with lots of antique equipment from our old farming and pioneering day on display.

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  • SkyBlaze

    Photo of SkyBlaze

    13th Oct 2017

    Dont miss out! Come along to SkyBlaze, a fantastic family event with fireworks, rides, food and fun.

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  • Jett Williams at Batemans Bay Soldiers Club

    Photo of Jett Williams at Batemans Bay Soldiers Club

    15th Oct 2017

    Don't miss this leg of Jett William's Australian tour, performing her great country hits.

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  • Australian Native Orchid Show

    Photo of Australian Native Orchid Show

    19th Oct 2017

    19 - 21 October. Come along to the Batemans Bay Soldiers club and enjoy the wide range of orchids on show.

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  • Mirrabooka Show Jumping Cup

    Photo of Mirrabooka Show Jumping Cup

    11th Nov 2017

    11 - 12 November. 2 Rings, 2 Days of competition, do not miss out on the 2017 Mirrabooka Show Jumping Cup.

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  • 12th Annual Narooma Boats Afloat Festival

    Photo of 12th Annual Narooma Boats Afloat Festival

    17th Nov 2017

    Come along to the 12th Annual Narooma Boats Afloat, a local festival celebrating traditional boats in all their varied forms, from clinkers and putt-putts to launches and cruisers and yachts.

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  • Narooma Rotary Renewables Expo

    Photo of Narooma Rotary Renewables Expo

    25th Nov 2017

    Learn about our future, what renewable energy is all about, and how to get involved in investment opportunities.

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  • South Coast Nationals 2017

    Photo of South Coast Nationals 2017

    25th Nov 2017

    The South Coast Nationals offers a fun weekend for the whole family, with spectacular vehicles on show - including high powered street machines, hot rods, vintage and classic cars, custom cars and bikes.

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  • Art on the Path

    Photo of Art on the Path

    17th Dec 2017

    17 December. Be inspired by this community run market, where stalls sell only locally made art and craft.

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  • Broulee Sand Modelling Competition

    Photo of Broulee Sand Modelling Competition

    31st Dec 2017

    Join in or participate in an afternoon of fascinating fun in the sun for the whole family!

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