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My Eurobodalla Adventure

My Eurobodalla Adventure

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Afterlife Answers – An evening with The Psychic Mediums

Batemans Bay Soldiers Club, 2 Beach Road, Batemans Bay
Sat 12th Jan 2019

7.30pm for 8pm start

Cost – $39 per person

Immerse yourself for an evening within the “extraordinary” world of three of Australia’s best-loved Psychic Mediums: Christian Adams, Nell Archer & Jacqui Krystal.

This exciting evening will have each Medium bringing valued messages of loving guidance, and connections from loved ones no longer with us, from the Spirit dimension.

Each of these well-respected professionals have featured on “Prime TWO live” on Psychic TV, along with a variety of main stages such as WIN stadium Wollongong.

Christian, Nell & Jacqui are each passionate, quality and uniquely skilled mediums, and they bring their combined “illuminations” to the Bay Soldiers Club Auditorium at 8:00pm, Saturday 12, 2019.

Meet the Mediums:

All our mediums work deeply in their respective capacities within the Spiritual Arts. They have each held over 15 years professional experience offering readings, healings, education, meditation groups, expos and retreats. Each have demonstrated their platform psychic and mediumship skills, regionally, nationally and internationally.

Nell Archer – Psychic Soul Gazer (ACT)

From early childhood Nell has been aware of her connection with Spirit and her ability to see into the future.

Throughout her life she has had a number of near-death experiences with bouts of severe illness that have given her a special depth of knowing and perspective through her clear memories of being in a non-physical consciousness.

By connecting to her own and the client’s Spirit Guides, Nell’s readings and healings are deeply profound and often life changing.  Past lives, soul imprint, soul purpose and future life path potential and consequences can be included within her insight.

She is a Spiritual educator of a very high calibre, with an uncannily accurate and straight forward delivery style.

Using her Spirit art talent, Nell also offers illustrations of passed loved ones and spirit guide portraits which she will likely do on the night.

Christian Adams – Psychic Medium Healer (NSW)

Internationally renowned Psychic Medium Healer, Christian Adams, has been sharing his gifts as a regular guest on Psychic TV and travelling the country performing mediumship demonstrations, psychic readings, trance healings and teaching workshops for many years.

Christian has the unique ability of auric scanning, and through this he addresses past, present and future fears and concerns with precision and accuracy in order to empower change. Time frames, future potential questions of all varieties,  and highly detailed information on specific topics, are all revealed through Christian’s innate extrasensory perceptions. He is top class.

Christian has exhibited his gifts since he was a boy, and his provision of undeniable evidence of survival in the afterlife, along with his dynamic platform mediumship skill, reveals the authentically raw and omnipresent power of Spirit connection, to all who witness him.

Jacqui Krystal – Spiritual Psychic Medium  (NSW)

Jacqui believes her lifetime ability to have a clear and pure communication channel to Spirit is the basic platform for her renowned psychic mediumship skill.

Her psychic connections and mediumship bring with them a strong emphasis on Spiritual empowerment and enlightenment, which has rendered her a popular featured professional on Psychic TV Australia and a guest on Psychic Today UK amongst many other show and stage appearances.

Her first memory of being a mediumship channel was at age 19. It was for a close friend who was being “haunted” by her deceased buddy from when she was 5 years old.

Jacqui has decades of experience within Spiritual events, guidance, meditation, personal consultation, management, and field specific innovation, such as producing her scrying instrument called the Destiny Board ( products). She is also a beautiful vocalist, and her meditation CD “Spirit Voice” will be available for purchase and inspirational guidance.


t: 0244724117

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