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This is what a wedding means to me, Ben Marden… It is the most special of days, there is laughter, there is tears, there is joy and there is love. This is a day filled with fleeting moments, where time stands still and two people join together.

I guarantee I will capture unrepeatable emotions that few people will even notice. I don’t just use my cameras for this; I use my heart, soul and all that I am.

A quick "about me"... My first professional assignment was in 1998 and I have been a full time professional photographer since 2004, this is not just a sideline or hobby for me - I am committed to my art and profession. In that time I have photographed over 300 weddings from the beach, to the bush, swanky hotels in capital cities and everything in between, ranging from 2 to 500 people. Although I have extensive experience in the areas of sport, landscape and commercial photography, people are my passion, especially weddings.

My approach to your wedding is that even though I play a very important part of your day, I don't believe the whole day is about photography! I won't drag you away from your family and friends for a 3-4 hour "shoot", nor will I be telling you what to do all day long. Wedding photography is one of the strangest things you will ever "buy". You are investing money, up front, for a product you can't actually see, from a day that has not even happened yet. Trust is everything.

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