What to see and do in South Durras

With its rich forests, private beaches and imposing headlands, South Durras is picture postcard country.

Just ten minutes off the highway but a whole world away, South Durras is the gateway to Murramarang National Park and home to Durras Lake. Regarded as one of the purest estuaries on the east coast, Durras Lake is protected by an untouched forest catchment and is the perfect place to immerse yourself in nature.

To truly appreciate this spectacular area, visit the Murramarang National Park and embark on one of the many interesting walking trails. Beautiful spotted gums run down to the sea, growing on steep slopes and contrasting against the dark green burrawangs, while the cliffs and headlands on the coast are home to hidden sea caves and sandy beaches.

The park is home to large troops of kangaroos and wallabies, and you can keep an eye out for the Eastern Greys taking a nibble on the trail or basking in the sun on the golden sands of a beach. Murramarang National Park is also a well known haven for birdlife. You can join a tour with the local birdwatchers who regularly explore the park, ever watchful for unique feathered species, or take a self guided tour and try to identify the myriad of birds with the aid of a local bird identification guide or book.

Kayaking adventures are the perfect vehicle to explore these amazing waters. A tour at sunset on Durras Lake enjoying the leaping fish, and the serenity of the stillness at dusk are unforgettable.

The sheltered lake and beaches at South Durras beckon; the only footprints on the sand may be your own. The pristine waterways of South Durras are protected by the Batemans Marine Park, but you can still enjoy all the fun that comes with the water. Fishing, crabbing and prawning are great activities for the whole family and offer the chance to get in touch with nature, and maybe a tasty dinner!

South Durras is a geologically special place, with many ancient sites to explore. An incredible journey back in time is captured in the cliffs and rocks. Marvel at the edge of the Sydney Sandstone Basin laid down some 300 million years ago or the artistry of Ironstone box work.

Much of the accommodation in South Durras is surrounded by National Park. There's plenty to choose from; cottages, award-winning camping, caravan parks with swanky cabins, and a resort that can boast the lot.

South Durras
View across Beagle Bay to Wasp Head, South Durras