Wadbilliga National Park

Steep gorges contrast with wide undulating plateaus in this rugged and wild place that forms a haven for marsupials and birds and contains the remote Brogo Wilderness Area. Don't miss the striking Tuross Falls and Tuross River Gorge.

Wadbilliga National Park is a vast, untamed wilderness perfect for photographers, experienced bushwalkers and campers with plenty of options for hiking, camping, birdwatching or mountain biking.

Wadbilliga National Park is a remote and rugged wilderness that invites explorers to truly escape into total isolation. The scenery here has been compared to Kakadu National Park, with steep gorges carved into dramatic ancient granite cliffs and wide, undulating plateaus from the high escarpment country down to the coastal plain.

Due to the rugged isolation of the park, Wadbilliga has remained a pristine wilderness, creating a haven for the many animals and birds that makes their homes here. An amazing diversity of plant life provides a perfect habitat for several endangered animals like the spotted-tailed quoll. Other large marsupials can be found including swamp wallabies, eastern grey kangaroos and wombats. There are also possums, platypuses and echidnas and a large population of greater gliders. The park hosts over 120 native species of birdlife. Lyrebirds are a common sight and the powerful, masked and sooty owls can be heard at night. Sharp eyes may spot diamond pythons sunning themselves on rocky outcrops.

For more information visit the NSW National Parks website.

Below: Tuross Falls, upstream.

Tuross Falls in Wadbilliga National Park