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My Eurobodalla Adventure

My Eurobodalla Adventure

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Batemans Marine Park

Batemans Marine Park

Protecting our waterways for future generations

A good day’s fishing and plenty for tomorrow.

To be confident of our future catch, we need to ensure that the marine ecosystems that produce it stay healthy and productive. Marine Parks are a big part of that insurance.

For 100 kilometres along the coast and for 5 kilometres out to sea, the Batemans Marine Park protects the underwater landscape from mining, dredging and trawling. The reef, sponge gardens and seagrass meadows – and all the thousands of types of animals that live among them can continue to build a productive ecosystem.

Sports fishing

Sports fishermen are a passionately selective lot. They guard their secret fishing places while happily taking every opportunity to boast of their greatest catches. It’s this contradiction in their character that makes them such interesting conversationalists, and even better conservationists. Particularly here in Eurobodalla.

So with the Batemans Marine Park, there are now more fish than ever for you to catch today, and at the same time we’re making sure there’ll be plenty for your grandchildren to catch in the future.

Marine Park User Guide

The Batemans Marine Park User Guide tells you where you can fish and what for and you can find detailed information on the Marine Parks website. Get a copy of the zoning map at our Visitor Information Centres or tackle shops and keep an eye out for the signage around our waterways.

Sweep are a common schooling fish that live among the reef habitats of the Batemans Marine Park

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