Snorkel and Dive

Exploring beneath the waves in the unspoilt waters of Eurobodalla is a world class experience

Snorkelling off the beaches and rocks around here is like having your own big aquarium to play in.

The pristine waters of the Batemans Marine Park are home to exotically coloured fish, glowing jellyfish, big cruising rays, waving sponge beds and lush green kelp forests. Montague Island is recognised as one of the top ten dive spots in the world and swimming or snorkelling with the seals off Montague Island is a world class 'Must Do' experience. The snorkelling trails below offer suggestions for family-friendly snorkelling in shallow calm water, to more adventurous trails.

Popular snorkelling spots include McKenzies Beach about 15 minutes south of Batemans Bay, Guerilla Bay, Broulee Beach (north or south and off the island), Shelley Beach near Moruya, Pedro Point at South Head Moruya, Mystery Bay, the southern end of Handkerchief Beach near Narooma and south side of Potato Point near Bodalla.

Diving experiences in Eurobodalla are many and varied and are available all year round. From reefs and caves to deep gutters and drop offs - whether you're a first timer or experienced diver we have a dive spot and tour to suit you.

Montague Island is considered one of the best dive spots in the country. It's a diving gem really, as you get up close to Australian and New Zealand fur seals that inhabit the nature reserve. The seals seem to delight in playful encounters with diving visitors. Not to mention the variety of colourful underwater marine and plant life.

A Tollgate Islands dive, just a 10 minute boat ride from Batemans Bay, is a unique and exciting experience at any time of year.

For the more experienced diver a must do dive would be at one of the spots renowned for Grey Nurse sightings. The Tollgate Islands and Montague Island are both within the Batemans Marine Park and are protected Grey Nurse habitats.

Guided snorkelling tours and dive charters are a great alternative if you don't have your own snorkelling gear and for accessing offshore dive sites.

See below for our top picks for creating your own snorkelling adventure or download our snorkelling brochure. Before you go, please read our snorkelling safety tips.

  • Maloneys Beach

    Maloneys Beach Feature Image

    A lovely calm water experience for all skill levels

  • Sunshine Cove

    Sunshine Cove Feature Image

    A small picturesque cove enclosed by two prominent headlands

  • Guerilla Bay

    Guerilla Bay Feature Image

    The waters off Guerilla Bay are clear and inviting and offer snorkelling experiences for beginners and experts

  • McKenzies Beach

    McKenzies Beach Feature Image

    McKenzies Beach is a small, beautiful beachto for more experienced snorkellers

  • Tomakin Cove

    Tomakin Cove Feature Image

    Tomakin Cove offers perfect shallow snorkelling conditions for beginners and groups

  • Candlagan Creek

    Candlagan Creek Feature Image

    Candlagan Creek is a favourite spot for children and families

  • Broulee Island

    Broulee Island Feature Image

    Broulee Island is a snorkelling favourite located in a sanctuary zone of the Batemans Marine Park

  • Potato Point

    Potato Point Feature Image

    Potato Point is perfect for experienced snorkellers and teeming with marine life

  • Bar Beach South

    Bar Beach Feature Image

    Bar Beach, Narooma is a fun and safe place for the kids to learn how to snorkel

  • Montague Island

    Montague Island Feature Image

    Montague Island is a famous snorkelling and diving hot spot