Offshore Fishing South Coast NSW

Reef and Pelagic Fishing

If you have a boat capable of going into the ocean you can't go past a feed of fresh sand flathead, which are very easy to catch.

A 6 to 12 kilo main line is best, braid is much better than monofilament line due to its ability to detect bites. A paternoster rig made of approximately 10 kilo line with 4/0 hooks is ideal. Good baits are tuna or mackerel strips, pilchard and squid. Flatties love a moving bait so keep your bait jigging up and down as you feel the bottom. Drifting in sandy and gravelly areas in 25 to 35 meters of water is best. Tackle shops can easily point out which flathead grounds are firing best.

Closer to the reef areas keep your bait moving more steadily and you'll get snapper, morwong, pigfish, leatherjacket, trevally and many more.

Trolling a mix of skirted and deep diving lures near headlands and reefs will locate kingfish, salmon and tuna species. Further offshore you might be lucky enough to hook a yellowfin tuna, mako shark, mahi mahi, or even a marlin.

Reef and Pelagic Fishing tips

  • Book a fishing charter for the best reef and pelagic action.
  • For learners or experienced anglers, getting a group of friends or family together will help share the cost and make for an unforgettable day out.

Kayak Fishing

Eurobodalla really lends itself to fishing from kayaks thanks to the hundreds of pristine places you can explore in peace and harmony.

Estuarine anglers will find sneaking along the shallow flats and back waters quietly casting soft plastics will yield much larger than usual flathead, bream, whiting and jewfish. Further upstream, our freshwater rivers in the Eurobodalla hold trophy bass, a superb catch and release sportfish.

The more experienced ocean kayaker will, on most days, find a sheltered bay to launch and catch big snapper, morwong, grouper, kingfish, salmon, tailor and more. A 3 kilo spin stick used to cast soft plastics or troll deep diving slash baits is all you need to take along to ensure a catch.

Kayak fishing top spots

  • The flathead grounds in Batemans Bay between Snapper Island and the Tollgates are accessible by kayak on a calm day
  • North side of Batemans Bay: Square Head to the west side of Three Islet Point (east is a Marine Park sanctuary zone)
  • Any of the Eurobodalla's inlets, rivers or lakes provide awesome fishing for bream, flathead, tailor and more.