Estuary, Bank and Boat Fishing

Everything you can do from a jetty you can do from a boat, with even better results.

If using lures, it's much better to be mobile and wading the banks, or using a tinnie or kayak is the go. Casting or trolling for tailor and salmon is one good option. Fish near bird or baitfish activity. Small metal lures are best for casting and deep diving slash baits are unbeatable on the troll.

For the more experienced angler, casting soft plastics, small hard bodied lures and poppers will yield species like Flathead, Bream, Salmon, Trevally, Whiting, even Jewfish. Fish light for best results: a 2 kilo braid main line and 4 kilo fluoro carbon leader is ample. Anglers who know how to avoid snags will also do well on bibbless Minnows. Fly anglers will do well on any size 1/0 baitfish patterns, but small Crazy Charlies are even better, often accounting for up to eight species while wading and casting over the drop offs.

Estuary, Bank, & Boat top spots

  • Hire a tinnie and fish Tuross Lake
  • Hire a kayak or walk the banks of Durras Lake
  • Chinamen's Point in the Clyde River
  • Wagonga Inlet at Narooma
  • Walk the shoreline or wade the shallows of the Tomaga River estuary at Mossy Point

In Congo Creek: Life in an Australian estuary

See life underwater in this fascinating video of Congo Creek, a heathy south coast estuary, teeming with life.

Courtesy of Gavin Gatenby