Beach Fishing South Coast NSW

Look for deep gutters where fish 'hole up'.

These can often be spotted from the lookouts along the scenic coastal routes. Look for darker colour or slow moving water and smaller waves amongst the breakers. Dawn, dusk and night are prime times, but the rising tide will bring resident fish on the chew, even when it happens during the day.

A traditional surf rod with 6 to 12 kilo line and a 4 ounce star sinker with two droppers above it can be used to anchor a bait in a hole. This will catch you species like salmon, tailor, flathead and the occasional jewfish. Best baits are tuna strips, slimy mackerel strips, any other oily tough fish strip, pilchard and squid.

Alternately, when the surf isn't up you can walk the beaches with a 3 kilo spin stick casting 20 gram metal lures for salmon, tailor and flathead. This is a very mobile and enjoyable way to fish. Fishing on the sand next to rocks or a headland will yield additional species. A running sinker rig on 3kg line is best for bream but will also catch flathead, drummer and maybe even the prized snapper. For the tasty yellow-eye mullet, use the techniques detailed on the Fishing Jetties page.

Live beach worms and fresh pippies are outstanding baits for all species including yellowfin whiting when fished on a small size 4 long shank hook.

Beach Fishing top spots

  • Blackfellows Beach at Potato Point
  • North Head Moruya, northern breakwall
  • Any beach that has a channel casting distance from the shore