Shallow Crossing

Scenic Drive Batemans Bay to Shallow Crossing

Driving time: Allow 1.5 hours to/from Batemans Bay, 67km loop. Allow 2 hours from the Kings Highway to Milton, 74.5km one way. Roads are mostly unsealed and unsuitable for large vehicles or caravans.

Important: Check low tide times for crossing the Shallow Crossing causeway and allow for up to 3 hours lag time from Batemans Bay tides. The causeway can be impassable during heavy rains or high tides.

North of the Batemans Bay Bridge turn left onto the Kings Highway. Historic Nelligen was for many years the centre of development and commerce in the district, being the major steam ship port for goods to and from Sydney.

Continue along the highway 2km, turning right onto The River Road, a well-kept unsealed road affording spectacular views of the majestic Clyde River and some beautiful picnic spots.

At Shallow Crossing there is a campground. If you have a kayak or canoe, you can paddle in the river from here, or perhaps take your fishing rod. At low tide cross the river at Shallow Crossing and take a right turn into Barkshed Road, back to the Old Princes Highway or take a right turn into The Sheep Track which will take you back to the Princes Highway. From either of these roads you can then head south to Batemans Bay.

An alternative from Shallow Crossing is to follow the scenic drive signs through Brooman and Flat Rock to Milton.

For those wanting a bit more adventure, purchase a 'South Coast Forest Map' from one of our Visitor Information Centres, which is an excellent guide to exploring these beautiful forests.