Bodalla to Reedy Creek

Cycling in Eurobodalla is growing in popularity with many challenging road and bush tracks to suit all levels of fitness.

ROUTE: Bod 1 - Farming and Forest Ride

DISTANCE: 50KM return

GRADE: moderate, reasonable level of fitness required


SUITABLE: mountain bikes or hybrids

The first and last 10km of this route is sealed, the remainder is gravel road of varying quality. The lesser used middle 15km has the roughest surface. The ride follows Eurobodalla Rd along the Tuross River and then Reedy Creek Rd to Morts Folly Road and returns to Bodalla by the same route.

This is a very scenic ride that travels through the dairy and grazing land of the Tuross Valley before turning off along the old road that follows Reedy Creek through the forest.

The turnaround point is at Reg Murphy Bridge which is a convenient spot for a picnic. The terrain is generally undulating with one hill up to Cobra Rd intersection at 15km out of Bodalla. This ride can be shortened to any distance that suits your fitness level. It can also be extended on the return journey by heading west at the Reedy Creek Rd intersection with the Eurobodalla Road. You are then heading towards the very small historic village of Nerrigundah. The return journey can be up Cadgee Mtn Road to the Nerrigundah Mtn Rd back to Eurobodalla Rd. This is explained in the Cue Sheet below. This route can be found on tourist maps of the area and is suitable for mountain or hybrid bikes.

There are no cafes or supplies of water on this route. There are a number of cafes and restaurants in Bodalla to aid your recovery at the end of the ride

Cue Sheet






The ride starts at the car park next to Fire Station on the Princes Highway. Leave the carpark on the concrete path heading north to Eurobodalla Rd. Turn left into Eurobodalla Rd and follow it to the Reedy Creek Rd turnoff.



Comerang Rd on the right takes you down to the Tuross River, if you have time for a short detour. Otherwise remain on Eurobodalla Rd



Council Tuross River Pump Station is on the right. This is the town water supply extraction point



Pass Nerrigundah Mtn Rd on the right



Intersection with Cobra Road at the top of the hill. Bear right down the hill to remain on Eurobodalla Rd



Turn left on to Reedy Creek Rd. This is a lesser used road and may be rough in places

24.93km  TURN AROUND


At Morts Folly Rd turn right and descend to the river on JC Rd. This is the turn around point. The return route is the same as the outward route

OPTION Extension to Nerrigundah and Cadgee Mtn Rd


If you feel like a big day out you can extend this ride on the return journey by heading west at the Reedy Creek Rd intersection with Eurobodalla Rd. (also known as River Rd.) You are then heading towards the small historic village of Nerrigundah on Eurobodalla Road. The best way back from Nerrigundah is to return along Eurobodalla Rd to the Cadgee Mtn Rd intersection. You then have to climb up Cadgee Mtn Rd to the Nerrigundah Mtn Rd. This climb is 180m vertical, but is a reasonable grade. At the top of the hill turn right on to Nerrigundah Mtn Rd . You are then rewarded with a long down hill on the sealed section of this road. Proceed across the timber bridge at the foot of the hill and turn left. You are now back on Eurobodalla Rd and heading for Bodalla on the same route as the outward journey. These routes can be found on tourist maps of the area and are suitable for mountain or hybrid bikes. This option will add 16km to the ride and one hill.